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This website has terms that address important matters that govern its access and use. Such matters include property rights, liability limitation, as well as permissible and prohibited uses of the site, its content, and services. It’s expressly stated in these terms that visitors or users of this website must be above 18 years of age. As such, visiting this site as well as using it or its service(s) confirms your acceptance and acknowledgement of the stated terms. shall not be responsible for your access or the consequences of accessing the site, its content and materials or use of the service(s) by individuals aged below the legal age, which is 18 years.

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This website has a clear Privacy Policy. This policy is simply an agreement between the user and the site on how it shall collect, store, process, use, and disclose non-personally identifying information and personally identifying information. Accessing confirms your acceptance and acknowledgement of this Privacy Policy. Please read and understand this Privacy Policy before you use this website.

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Any user of this directory must observe all applicable laws and regulations. That means they have responsibilities and regulations in terms of their use of this website and the provided service(s). It’s also important to note that every user is responsible for the consequences of disclosing personally identifying and non-personally identifying information to this website.

Every user is responsible for:

– Compliance with the applicable rules, laws, and regulations in relation to this website, its content and the provided services.

– Activities that are conducted on or through this website under their personally identifying information whether unauthorized or

authorized by them.

– Transaction(s) and interaction(s) with end user(s) of this site.

– Cooperation with this website in relation to the provision of service(s).

– Volunteering information that might be required for the requested service(s) to be provided smoothly.

– Ensuring that they share content securely with this website. This includes ensuring that the shared content is free from viruses,

worms, and Trojan as well as malicious codes.

– Ensuring that the requested service suits their needs.

Arbitration explains how claims or controversies that may arise in the course of its operations shall be arbitrated. The governing law and jurisdiction provisions are clearly stated on this site. These apply to every visitor or user of this website.

Please note that the governing law and arbitration stated on this site are part of the agreement between and visitors or users. By visiting this site and using its services, you accept to be a party bound by this agreement as well as the stated governing law and arbitration provisions.

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Terms of the Client

This website has terms that cover services scope, client’s obligations, service cancellation, and liability limitation. It’s the responsibility of the client or user to read and comprehend the terms before using this website.

Communications may convey information to you via the contact details you provide. Such information may include service announcements and electronic newsletters. Kindly note that you agree and understand that this communication is in accordance to your agreed continued use of the service(s) of the directory. If you wish to end this communication, kindly follow the opting out procedure provided in the communication materials or in the directory’s Privacy Policy.

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