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Treasures Las Vegas

The fact about Treasures is it appeals to all types. Tattooed blondes, check. Beautiful Latina, check. MILF, check. Big butts, yup. As for the venue itself… sensory overload for sure! When you enter Treasures you are welcomed into the most dramatic entry of any strip club. Ever.

Treasures las vegas - strip club logo.
Inside Treasure strip club of Las Vegas
Treasures gentlemen’s club in Las Vegas
Stunning picture of the stripper pole at treasures of las vegas
Inside the infamous palomino club of las vegas. Looking to get in? Call us at (702) 830-7806 or click the link for more information

Calling your strip club Treasures leaves it open for ridicule if you fall short of offering nothing but what it is… Treasures. Interestingly enough, this strip club pulls it off. The factor about Treasures Gentlemen’s Club is it appeals to all types. Girl subsequent door type, check. Tattooed blonde, check. Beautiful Latina, check. Big booties, yup. As for the venue itself, sensory overload is the first thing that comes to idea when describing the scene. When you enter Treasures you are welcomed into the most dramatic entry of any strip club. Ever.

The foyer appears like some thing out of the movies with an outsized chandelier and winding staircase made of imported marble that is on par with the relaxation of the club’s Italian manor theme. To the right of the lobby is the steakhouse, which serves up the first-class steaks you’ll discover at any strip club and rivals that of some on the Las Vegas Strip. Beyond the lobby is the primary room. Three stages set the scene right here where you usually see at least one female on each. The ladies rotate throughout so if you see one you fancy on the way to the facet of the room, don’t fret, she’ll be over to your side in a few songs. The main stage is one of the most intricate in Sin City. Girls work on a neon go-go pole and have a bag full of one of a kind effects hints to enhance the performance.

The stage in the center of the room appears like a craps table with the legs sawed in half and is low enough to hold the action at eye level. A sea of tables and chairs fills the ground between the stages, making it handy to snatch a dancer and get a lap dance table side. During select times there is a buffet available along the left facet of the main room. A bar traces the right of the room but with the plethora of seating both upstairs and downstairs and super friendly waitresses, tables are the way to go. Semi-private rooms sit down to the left nook of the club. They’re only semi-private because each has glass doors in the front of them so everybody can still see you however you don’t have to fear about your drunken bro doing something dull while you get your dance.

The champagne room is tucked in between the buffet and semi-private rooms. Bottle minimums are in impact here however it’s any other opportunity for when you seek that exceptional dancer. Up the winding staircase is the second level, the skybox, the place you can nonetheless take in all the motion downstairs plus an extra stage. More tables sit right here in what serves as an overflow location on the busiest of nights. The second floor is additionally home to one more bar and more private VIP areas for these intimate lap dances.