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Las Vegas is a place where you can find things you can’t find anywhere else such as quickie weddings, Cirque du Soleil, amazing buffets, and even helicopter rides to Red Rock. However, some tourists who go to Las Vegas end up getting in touch with their naughtier side and take and hop in a limo with there friends to some of the hottest Las Vegas Strip Clubs.

Vegas is popular for its exotic dancers or more commonly known as strippers. In several ways, strippers are just like the rest of us. But in some ways, they are completely different.

You can think of strippers as “liberated contractors.” In fact, they are paying in order for them to perform. In other words, they need to pay a certain strip club to work on the floor.

Side note: On the other hand, it sounds a bit odd, but strippers make more money when they are ovulating!

Strippers have also an extremely refined sense of which customers are great tippers. How? By simply evaluating the room of their client and by checking some of their customer’s belongings such as watches, shoes, and even their nails.






And believe it or not, strippers believe that overweight men tend to give higher tips and no one knows why.

Nevertheless, aside from female dancers, there are also male strippers in Vegas.


How much do Vegas strippers make? Exotic dancers make can earn a lot of money in vegas, sometimes making six figures a year

How much do strippers make? 

Strippers have the ability to earn quite a bit of money here in Vegas, and perhaps you might be curious how much they can earn.

Normally, a stripper can earn an average of 30 dollars per hour.

On the other hand, the amount of money that a certain stripper can make varies from good nights to bad nights. Meaning to say, if there are only a few customers they will only receive significantly smaller tips and vice versa. So don’t forget to tip your stripper!

Nevertheless, according to Princess, an exotic dancer at Hustler Strip club, receives 30,000 dollars for a private session.


How to Become a Stripper

Actually, it takes more than locker-room selfies as well as pole dancing lessons to become an exotic dancer or stripper. Nevertheless, here’s how to become a successful stripper.

    • You should know how to dance


For you to become a stripper, make sure you know how to dance and you should at least know the basics of stage moves. However, if you are not familiar with the basic moves made by professional strippers, you can watch video tutorials on YouTube

You should know how to dance

  • Look for a Strip Club Where you can Perform Comfortably

There are lots of strip clubs in Las Vegas, that’s why there is no doubt that choosing the right one where you can perform comfortably is a bit challenging. However, by visiting Yelp you will be able to find out the list of reputable strip clubs. Better yet, write down all your prospect clubs and visit them personally.

  • Become a Worthy talker

For some, it is the hardest part of being an exotic dancer. As for some advice, don’t let anyone pressure you and don’t let them dig more about your personal business.

  • Practice Decent Hustle Habits

As an exotic dancer, do not take a rejection personally, always remember that it is part of your job. Because there are times that people are not going to be nice to you.

Practice Decent Hustle HabitsWho are some famous Strippers?

You may possibly recognize them from big screens or for their successful music careers, but these famous celebrities once had a career as exotic dancers. How? By taking their clothes off and dancing on the pole. Either way, here are some of the famous celebrities who used to be strippers.


Famous Male Celebrities Who Used To Be Strippers

  • Chris Pratt
  • Brad Pitt
  • Channing Tattum
  • Javier Bardem



Famous Female Celebrities Who Used To Be Strippers

  • Lady Gaga
  • Blac Chyna
  • Amber Rose
  • Sunny Lane


Where do strippers perform?

Most often, strippers will be found performing at the strip club. On the other hand, exotic dancers can be contacted to perform outside the club. As a matter of fact, some exotic dancers will only strip for private parties or engagements and they don’t have a regular connection with strip clubs. One of the most popular parties that strippers love to perform for are Bachelor parties.

Not only that, they are also attending and performing for private parties including corporate events. In fact, lots of entertainment businesses tend to hire exotic dancers to give their visitors an unforgettable entertainment experience.

Nevertheless, strippers also work in other aspects such as escorting, nude and erotic modeling, pornography, and even providing a gfe experience.

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